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Adventist Community Services

Adventist News

Adventist News Network, Adventist Today


Andrews Institute for Archaeology

Archives & Statistics



Good Salt, Harry Anderson

Bible Helps

Sites with Online Concordances, Dictionaries and Commentaries, Direct link to Bible passages,

Passage look up, Topical Index, Common Questions and more!

Bibles Online

Gutenberg Bible; Martin Luther Bible; NET Bible and many other Bible versions

Bible Studies

Many Bible studies are available by e-mail.

Books Online

Audio books from Truth for the End Time.com!

Visit the Amazing Facts extensive online library.

Read the 28 Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist church.

Read "The Desire of Ages," "The Great Controversy" and other books from the Ellen G. White Estate website.

Read "Wine and the Bible"

Children & Youth

3ABN: Kids Crafts; Kids Networks; Kids Time; Tiny Tots for Jesus

GC Children's Ministry; Adventist Heritage Kids Corner

Adventist Robotics League; Guide Magazine; Pathfinders; Pathfinders Online; Project Patch

Coloring-Page.net; Kids Explorers Coloring Pages

Your Story Hour

Christian Freebies

That Freebie Site: Christian Freebies; Christian Clip Art

E-Postcards: DaySpring; Web Gallery of Art; Fine Arts in Hungary; John Bell's Art Gallery


Check out the many treasures at the websites of various Adventist churches!

Church Locator

Church locator for Adventist churches for the North America Division,

the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia

and a guide to Adventist church websites worldwide!

Conference Sites

**Be sure to visit each of these sites!**

There are delightful surprises at all of them!


Ellen G. White Statements Relating to Geology and Earth Sciences.

The Geoscience Research Institute: Integrating Faith and Science

Has teacher's resources and much more.



Directories & Resources

This page includes the Adventist Organizational Directory, Adventist Christian Resources,

the Adventist Women's Resource Center and links to many more useful sites.


Includes the Adventist Education Forum,

CIRCLE, and the College Guide for Adventist colleges.

Ellen G. White


The Ellen G. White Estate site, search all of Ellen White's writings,

suggested sources to respond to the representations made in the inaccurate

anti-Adventist video, "Seventh-day Adventism: The Spirit Behind the Church"

and more.

Health & Diet


Adventist Health Systems, the Health Reformer, Uchee Pines Institute, the Seventh-day Adventist Dietetic Association,

the Vegetarian Resource Group.

Hell & Death

TruthAboutDeath.com; The Truth About Death; The Truth About Hell; Hell Truth - Does Hell Burn Forever?

History & Heritage

Links to the Center for Adventist Research, Elmshaven and to many interesting sites

all around the world which have pages of Adventist history.

Home School Resources

Adventist Home Educator, Gazelle Publications and the Sycamore Tree

Jesus Gallery

Life of Christ Image Gallery Bible Illustrations Gallery

Pocket PC Themes
Pocket PC Themes


Adventist Pioneer Library, Avondale Library, and the ASDAL: Association of Adventist Librarians

Magazines & Newsletters

Links to Adventist Parenting, Adventist Review, Deaf Messenger Magazine, Echoes,

Health Reformer, Liberty, Message, Ministry, Signs,

Vibrant Life and many regional magazines.


Adventist Heritage Ministry, Bible Bay, the Biblical Research Institute,

Adventist Biblical Truths, Adventist Deaf Ministries, Cyberspace Ministries, TruthAboutDeath.com,

Seventh-day Adventist Church State Council, Tagnet, Ten Commandment Facts.com,

Victor J. Adamson.com and others.


Adventist Mission, Adventist Frontier Missions, Mission Spotlight, North Bahamas Mission


Adventist Music Gateway, Digital Hymnal, Hymns Alive

Of Interest to Adventists

Not Adventist sites but sites of interest to Adventists.

Guideposts, International Bible Society, Marriage Watch.org,

THE INQUISITION: A Study in Absolute Catholic Power.

Our Logo

An explanation of the Seventh-day Adventist logo.


Ben Carson / Clifton Davis / Desmond T. Doss / Paul Harvey / Arthur Maxwell /

/ Soujourner Truth.

Famous Seventh-day Adventists


Special Prayer, Prayer Time

Publishing Houses

Links to General Conference Publishing, Pacific Press.com,

Review & Herald Publishing Association and others.

Radio & Television Ministries

Links to 3ABN, Adventist Television Network, Adventist World Radio, Amazing Facts,

Better Life TV, Breath of Life, Faith for Today, It is Written,

Quiet Hour, Voice of Prophecy, and others.


The Benton Sisters: Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine for Optimum Health,

Good Food for Growin' Chibis!, Morningstar Farms, 3ABN Recipe Archives.


History of the Sabbath documentary, Sabbath Truth.com, New Testament Sabbath

Sabbath to Sunday Change and more!

Sabbath School Lessons

Did you know that you can study the Sabbath School lessons online? Or that you can listen

to or watch the weekly lesson study? There are many Sabbath School resources.


Seventh-day Adventists Believe

Read the Seventh-day Adventist Church Manual, read "Seventh-day Adventists Believe..."

and go to links for many pages about what Adventists believe.


Links to catalogues for the Adventist Book Center, Amazing Facts, It Is Written,

3ABN, Advent Christian Wear, Bible Universe, Uncle Arthur's Online and many others.

Buy and sell Adventist books at LNF Books.


Links to Adventist Singles, Adventist Dating, The Single Adventist, The Christian Cafe,

Veggie Date

Sunset Calendars


Translation Services


Morningstar Farms, Worthington Foods, Vegetarian Diet.

Volunteer Services

World Division Sites

Take time to explore the World Divisions sites--

there are so many interesting things on these sites!


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